Monday, September 23, 2019

Hinduism - Krishna Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hinduism - Krishna - Essay Example When Devaki got married to Vasudeva, a voice was heard from the sky saying that one of Devaki’s children would kill Kamsa. The voice further stated that the son that would bring about the death of Kamsa would be Devaki’s eighth son. This made Kamsa very frightened and infuriated that he unsheathed his sword with an intention of killing his sister Devaki. However, Vasudeva (Devaki’s husband) implored Kamsa to spare the life of Devaki with the promise that each of the child born would be delivered to Kamsa. In reluctance, Kamsa agreed but imprisoned both Devaki and Vasudeva. When Devaki delivered her first child, the child was slaughtered by Kamsa and his henchmen. This happened each time a child was delivered for the first six children. However, Lord Vishnu intervened during the birth of the seventh and eighth child. It is said that Lord Vishnu assured Devaki and Vasudeva that he would not let them succumb to fate and that he had a plan to rescue the child and the people of Mathura in general. In Gokula, a cowherd’s chief wife had given birth to a daughter. Vasudeva was required to deliver Krishna to the cowherd and in exchange brings the cowherd’s daughter back to the prison. When Vasudeva delivered Krishna to Gokula to the cowherd’s homestead, he found the door open and after the exchange, Vasudeva went back to the prison with Yoshida (cowherd’s wife) baby. When Kamsa went to the prison to kill the baby, a hand reached out from heaven and grabbed the baby before it could be struck with the blade. The baby was later transformed into a goddess Yomagaya. It is said that the goddess Yomagaya asked Kamsa how he would have benefited by killing her while his nemesis had already been born somewhere else. It was during his youth that Lord Krishna killed Kamsa and reinstated Ugrasen as the supreme king of Mathura. The birth of Krishna is considered as a transcendent phenomenon that continues to draw awe and disbelief among the people of Hindu

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