Saturday, December 7, 2019

Marriage crisis free essay sample

In today world, marriage is no longer a long lasting commitment as it was established in the first century. People’s view of marriage tends to be a financial affair than to be a divine commitment in which husband and wife should stick together until death. Unfortunately, a storm of another nature is wreaking havoc on the foundation and structure of the age-old institution of marriage. One aspect of that trend is that the futures mates may not be ready to assume their role in real life whether for parenthood, financially. In addition, self-examination is reasons why marriage is losing its honored place in society. â€Å"Marriage conveys a sense of meaning, purpose, direction, and stability that tends to benefit adults and especially children†(Aja Gabel, 71). I agree with Gabel because marriage brings into being the family unit, the family circle. Its basic purpose is the reproduction of the members of the human family, to bring into existence more creatures of human kind. We will write a custom essay sample on Marriage crisis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Sadly, â€Å"marriage has changed because the relationship between the sexes has changed† (Gabel, p73#12). According to Amalia Miller’s research, on the use of birth control pill. Access to the pill narrowed the gender wage gap. Women were able to become mothers later. As result, its delay motherhood. Beside parenthood prevention, self-examination plays its part on marriage crisis today. Nagging doubts about marriage are normal even when you are in love. With unhappy marriages abounding and divorce rates soaring, it is understandable to proceed with cautious. Impatient mates who seek quick results and instant gratification give little thought to the consequences of divorce. Lured by seductive promises of freedom and independence, exposed shameless disregard and believe that divorce will lead to happiness. Doubtless this is because satisfying marital relationship result from unselfishness and self-control. â€Å"Low expectations for loyalty at work inoculate them from feeling betrayed at work. There’s no such protection for them at home, however†. â€Å"Instead, their high expectations- their sense that surely, at least here, we can fight off the culture of insecurity- led them to see and   name betrayal, to feel outraged, to walk around wounded. † (Pugh, 73). In real life, disloyalty and betrayal cause pain and suffering. The other reason why marriage is in crisis is the view of financial statute. Marriage is not a game neither a fantasy nor a cure-all for problems. If anything, it presents a completely new set of problems to deal with. Example: What should a wife do if her husband complains about her spending habits? â€Å"Darli ng, can’t you cut down on our Expenses a little bit? Look! Here a bill for two new hats! â€Å"A Game of MAKE-BELIEVE† (86). Money can be one of the most difficult subjects for a couple to discuss calmly. No wonder that it often tops the list as the most common cause of marital arguments. Couples who have an unbalanced view of money might suffer stress, conflict, and emotionaleven spiritual damage. â€Å"Marriage among the higher socio-economic-classes is going stronger† (Wilcox, 73) thus, according to Wilcox money is for a protection. It is true but money will protect a marriage and his family only if both mates learn not just how to control it but also how to talk to each other about it. In fact, rather than being contentious, discussions about money matters can actually strengthen the bond between marriage mates. It is true that in our society marriage is going through lots of challenging. The battle to survive seems to be with no cure. Unwanted desire for life’s reproduction, the commitment for couple to remain loyal to each other and, finally the financial support if not equally viewed and calmly discuss can tremendously affect family to the point of disruption. As result, the marriage crisis today.

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